Finnish Education Services

For companies

Do you have an idea, technology or service you would like us to promote?

Product card and showroom

  • Visibility in FES website
  • Exhibition at FES showroom

Product testing and Live-streaming

  • We will develop ways to use your product/service in education
  • We’ll store the user experience in pictures and videos and broadcast about it through media channels and social media

Events and exhibitions

  • We organize events and exhibition days for teachers, children, companies and individuals
  • You can come and visit us at the showroom any time

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What can we do for you?

  • Develop novel ways to use your products in education
  • Showcase your products in real environment
  • Broadcast video and radio material about how to best use your products
  • User experience testing for your educational innovations
  • Marketing in digital and real market places – showrooms/edulabs

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