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Green Company Effect

Green Company Effect, GCE, is a social media platform concentrating on sustainability

It is meant for all types of companies, schools, cities and organizations having sustainability as a value, and for people caring about these values. Sharing big and small deeds globally will make a difference in attitudes, awareness and true actions to reach the UN’s 17 sustainable development goals together!

How can we use it in education?

A more sustainable future starts with children – therefore GCE wants to be active with school children and students in offering the service, in educating and in teaching about sustainable business models and technologies to them. GCE membership can benefit your school in many ways:

  1. Educating children to do good for each other and the environment will increase awareness, change attitudes and behaviour permanently even outside school.

  2. Talk more, do more – sharing good deeds in social media about your work on sustainability will make your efforts visible and real.

  3. Recognize and get recognized – be awarded credits for your work by GCE and you will! Also get direct comments and likes from people globally.

  4. Get connected to a network of sustainable schools around the world. Learn from others – other schools, organizations and companies!

  5. GCE also offers Sustainability lectures and seminars adjusted to your needs – either through web or by visiting you.

Academia Finlandesa is a member of GCE. They have been sharing their good deeds e.g. in how they educated students about recycling in Spain. They are using the GCE pinecone logo on their web site as a sign of caring and easy access to their profile.View Academia Finlandesa's GCE profile.

Join for free

Join us at It’s free! We are happy to help you getting started with the GCE service and to get in all sustainability related questions.

Welcome to test and see the products at FES showroom, Centro Finlandia Fuengirola, Spain. Please contact Salli JavaScriptin suoritus selaimesi asetuksista nähdäksesi sähköpostiosoitteet

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