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KeepLoop - turn your mobile device into a microscope.

Turn an ordinary mobile phone or tablet into an instant microscope by attaching a thin, magnetic microscope module in front of the camera’s normal lens. KeepLoop is very light and fits easily in your pocket. No apps needed. KeepLoop can be attached from one device to another in just a few seconds.

Here are some example videos made using the KeepLoop mobile microscope:

Leaf Worm with KeepLoop Microscope

KeepLoop is a concrete tool for teachers to make biology, arts, media classes or chemistry more educational and fun at the same time. The microscope can bring surfaces and creatures alive, which cannot be seen by the eye. Teachers can bring materials like hair, skin, fabrics or in the class room and the small size microscope follows the class easily on field trips. The pictures and videos can be viewed live or saved and distributed digitally in the class room.

KeepLoop has been used in many schools around Finland for several years now. For example teachers in Kämmenniemi school in Tampere have used it in arts education and are now starting to use it in chemistry classes.
Academia Finlandesa has used KeepLoop in multidisciplinary studies e.g. to study materials and the nature. Here are some pictures of the work.

How to buy?

You can order your own KeepLoop from

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