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Leado - Learning centre, leading results by doing

Leado Learning Center from Coulu Systems is a pedagogic innovation that helps remove classroom disturbances while improving both the quality of teaching and learning.

LeaDo is a comprehensive learning solution which combines physical exercises, creativity, teacher’s resource planning, learning materials and practices, and supplemental teacher training – all based on curriculum, and leading to improved teaching and learning results.

How can we use it in education?

LeaDo’s resource planning system directs your learning path in support of the student’s self reliance while easing any teacher’s workload.

LeaDo’s exercise features and physical activities help release excess energy, improve one’s health and motor skills, and assist in the student’s ability to focus. From a child’s viewpoint LeaDo also functions as a game-like environment that gives a fun motivational boost to schoolwork.

Watch our experiences in the classroom

Academia Finlandesa is using the LEADO learning centre every day. Students and teachers love it. It is a reward for the children after finishing certain work, clearly helping children to start and concentrate with the next task.

Where can you buy it from?

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